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Kahi Loa is one of the ancient healing methods of Hawaiian bodywork that belongs to the general category of lomi-lomi. What is unique about this massage technique is that it works on the skin and not the muscles. This means that no oil is used and the recipient is fully clothed. Because of its simplicity and ease of use, this modality is favored by many Hawaiian kupua, or shamans. 


The current technique is taught by Serge Kahili King, who learned the basic form from the Kahili family and developed it further, taking ideas from his own experience.


Kahi is a word meaning unity and fire, and the massage uses light pressure. Kahi Loa (Big Kahi) is a healing system that involves the mind, body and energy of both the therapist and the recipient. Like all Hawaiian healing systems, it aims to promote the free and full flow of life energy in the receiver.

I use the Haipule method when applying Kahi Loa:


  • Energize (ha) - to strengthen or charge the aura

  • Verbalize (i) - to acknowledge, guide or receive feedback

  • Symbolize (pu) - to access an image of power

  • Enliven (le) - to let the power flow in the hands

Kahi Loa is divided into seven areas, representing the seven elements of Hawaiian Shamanism: Ahi (fire); Wai (water); Makani (wind); Pohaku (stone); La'au (plant); Holoholona (animal); Kanaka (Human). 


I look forward to diving into the wonderful world of Hawaii with you.

Price per hour: $120.-   (in person or via remote sessions)

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