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Simon Lüthi

I have been an Energy Medicine Practitioner for several years. My journey started with a severe autoimmune disease that Western medicine had no answers for. I didn't want to just pop pills at a doctor's urging, so I set out to find the root causes of my illness instead. After a successful treatment, and elimination of heavy metals and an overhaul of my diet, I felt an improvement after just a few months, and experienced a complete healing after about one year.


During this process, I met Dr. Alberto Villoldo, who introduced me to the wonders of Energy Medicine and Quantum Healing. Since then, I have been studying various indigenous forms of healing in depth, including techniques of removing blockages and trauma from the aura and light body. After becoming certified as a Reiki Master in 2018, I came into contact with several wonderful women and men of knowledge from around the world. I have been fortunate to learn and train in a variety of powerful ancient healing techniques from each of them. After a bout with cancer in 2020, I asked myself,  "How is this happening for me, and what is this experience trying to show me?" I had to deal directly with my own mortality, and through this intensive process, discovered a passion for accompanying people on their last journey into infinity. 


I work intuitively, personalizing each treatment to the individual, using my clairvoyant gifts. As a result, trauma, pain, illness, stress and depression that have built up over the years can be released and slowly improve--and in some cases, even disappear completely.

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  • 2017 - Grow a New Body with Alberto Villoldo

  • 2018 - Usui Reiki I, II, III and Master Initiation by Lisa Saylan

  • 2019 - Magnetic Healing Training (Aura Surgery) with Madeleine Andersen

  • Since 2019 Several courses on indigenous healing techniques with Four Winds Society, Cyndy Paige, Rita Pitka Blumenstein, Nadine Reuter and others

  • 2022 - Advanced Shamanic Studies with Peter Bonnaker (Former Faculty of the Four Winds Society)

  • 2022 - Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner mit Jennifer Eve Morey

  • 2022 - Kahi Loa Massage with Madeleine Andersen

  • 2022 - Removal of Spirit Entities with Heidi Hüber

  • 2023 - Advanced Divination and Soul Retrieval with Peter Bonnaker 

  • 2023 - Certified End of Life Death Doula with Suzanne O'Brien (Doulagivers)

  • 2024 - Psychic Mediumship Masterclass with Richard Knight

I see my energy work as an excellent support to other healing methods such as acupuncture, naturopathic medicine and traditional Western (allopathic) medicine. During your treatment with me, you will be invited to relax while lying on a soft massage table, while I use gentle music, touch, crystals, incense and essential oils to address your needs. Clients remain fully clothed during the treatment.


Many of my clients appreciate my calming voice and empathic energy. That's why I decided to offer my work in end-of-life care, in addition to my regular practice. I am also happy to make home or hospice visits. Remote treatments are also possible at any time.

If you have any further questions, I would be delighted to help.

Please use this registration form.




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