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Can't sleep well? Strange, unexplained things such as appliances not working? Do you have sudden, inexplicable physical symptoms? Anxiety or depression?

Then it may well be that your house or apartment is on a so-called dimensional hole or portal. These portals and holes are connections from space, which result from violations of the earth's protective grid between the Hartmann and the Curry grid  (these lie in the cardinal directions around planet earth). In concrete terms, this means that suddenly there is a "lift” or opening in the apartment/house. Entities circulate in this elevator and exit straight into your apartment/house as they please.


I would be happy to help you to close these portals again and also to remove any foreign energies or attachments. People report how everything suddenly feels easier again, and how fellow human beings deal with them in a completely different way. You will be able to sleep better and your house will feel like an oasis of rest and retreat again.

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