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In each of the ceremonies I offer, the goal is to say goodbye to old and burdensome things, and at the same time to invite in new, positive ones.

Especially on a full moon this can be very, very powerful. But there are also wonderful festivals which we can celebrate together. I therefore like to combine nature and spirituality in a modern form of connection with everything that is.

Please contact me so that I can put together an individual ritual for you.


Smudging and Cleansing

Burning herbs has been part of everyday life for thousands of years. We begin each ritual of purification with blessed incense materials. Here, too, you can participate in formulating the blend, and choose an individual mixture from a rich catalogue. 


Elements of Ceremonies: 


  • Guidance (earth)

We first feel the energies of Mother Earth and ask a specific question about a life topic that concerns us. We hear many answers through our inner voice.

  • Reflection (air)

Now that you have received the wisdom of the earth and your spirit guides, it is time for quiet reflection. Sit quietly, hold your original question and think about the answer you received earlier. Now write a summary of your question and the answer(s) you received in a few words on a piece of paper. 


  • Release and Transformation (Fire)

Fire allows for rapid transformation. It offers an opportunity to let go of ancient history and drama, to change, renew and be reborn. Through the Fire Ceremony, you honor your lessons and old belief structures by placing them in the fire and surrendering them to Spirit. By releasing these old patterns and beliefs into the fire, they heal deeply.


  • Purification (water)

I also use the element of water in most ceremonies. Water is cleansing and refreshing and a beautiful ending to a ritual. This can be done in a stream, river or lake. 

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