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Simon offers a truly profound, supportive and loving healing ceremony. Both terrestrial and otherworldly, this gentle, warm and empathetic soul invites you into a safe and sacred space of transformation using a unique blend of traditional shamanic practices and Reiki energy. After just one session I feel more freedom in my body and a better attitude towards life. I look forward to next time. With deep gratitude.

KB, Pennsylvania 


For several years I hesitated to process and let go of past, suppressed trauma. Through divine intervention, Simon's magical hands helped me to delve deeper into the subconscious. With his help I was able to release mental fears and physical blockages. Certainly Simon's Reiki ability is uniquely unmatched. I cannot express my gratitude enough as I live each day and experience the benefits of His healing gift!

CH, Addison TX

I have been treated for hypothyroidism for almost 20 years. In 2015 my thyroid flipped and became hyperactive. I was also diagnosed with thyroid eye disease. I was put on methamazole for a year. I gained weight and felt generally unwell. I became a candidate for RAI. I visited Simon in July 2018 prior to my planned REI treatment. After seven sessions I felt better, stopped methamazole and started losing weight. I feel normal again and look forward to my next blood test.

DM, Scottsdale AZ

I have had several Reiki sessions with Simon and have felt a significant improvement after the first session and each time thereafter. The last three sessions were done over three consecutive days to maximize the effects and really get into the different energetic levels he is working on. I highly recommend this stacking of sessions as it has helped me go deep, let go and really open up to his technique.

The space he set up for his practice is super calming and cozy. He uses sage and palo santo to cleanse and open the channels, and light music and ambient light to give the room a relaxing atmosphere. He asked me a few times if I liked the temperature, which I appreciated. He also offered me a pillow for my knees and head to be comfortable on the padded massage table. I was fully clothed throughout all sessions and super relaxed. He uses a small gong to gently end the session. After each session, we sat together for a few minutes to discuss what he was doing, how it made me feel, and what we would do in the future.

I loved the experience and would highly recommend Simon for the energy healing! I myself will come back very, very soon:)

SH,  Phoenix AZ

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